Compliance and Contract Termination (T4D) Training Classes

Compliance and Termination Avoidance Training Classes

Every day, the courts are filled with appeals and litigation related to contract termination of federal contracts. The source of this problem may involve companies not fully understanding the depth of their responsibilities and obligations with regard to contract compliance. Our goal is to help government contractors avoid termination for default (T4D) actions.

By signing up for our Compliance and Contract Termination Avoidance Training Classes, you key personnel can understand and appreciate the scrutiny agencies place on contract performance. 

  • Prepare for investigations and agency audits;
  • Understand how your clauses also impact your performance
  • Learn about mandatory disclosure policies for government contracts

Watson & Associates are federal government contract lawyers that are committed helping businesses to take a more proactive approach to performing federal contracts.

This Government Contract Compliance and Contract Termination Avoidance Training Class will give you an extra edge on preemptively avoiding termination.

Compliance and Contract Termination Avoidance Training Topics

Topics will include:

  • Understanding requirements and legal responsibilities when you get a government contract
  • Training key personnel for compliance
  • Avoiding the most costly mistakes for non-compliance
  • Developing internal policies and controls to avoid termination for default actions
  • Understanding “termination for convenience” and your rights to damages
  • Avoiding common loopholes when the agency terminates you
  • Adding strength and ability in the writing of your proposal
  • Reducing the government’s risk and bolster compliance policies in your proposal
  • Avoiding suspension and debarment


October 25, 2016

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Ticket Prices

1 Registrant $750.00
2 Registrants

Max 2 registrants per company.




Learn how to minimize adverse contract termination for default actions and keep your federal contract.

  • Take advantage of networking opportunities
  • Catered Lunch Provided

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Disclaimer: Watson & Associates, LLC reserves the right to cancel classes with minimum participation (20 registered attendees). Please make travel plans that are flexible including hotel reservations. We will not be responsible for the cancellation of travel costs.


Theodore Watson