Capture Management Training

Capture management in government contracting requires you to seriously look at s specific capture management training classes for government contractors across the united statesGovernment RFP and decide whether or not to bid.  After the decision is made, having an experienced capture manager to develop a strategic approach and sound capture plan that is customer focused.

Writing a proposal for a government contract takes significant efforts and skills. Your capture management approach is critical and will be the basis for winning or losing government bids.

At Watson & Associates, our government proposal writers and capture management training team help clients to form a winning capture team, assess and assign responsibilities to subject matter experts. Our goal is to help you to develop winning solutions that get favorable interests from federal contracting clients. We help you to:

  • Identify strengths and weakness in your technical abilities
  • Capture competitor strengths and develop a competitive strategy for winning
  • Write government proposals that are compliant and strengthens your business development process
  • Improve proposal management skills
  • Develop stronger technical proposals
  • Avoid mistakes with past performance submissions
  • Capture unique experiences that increase technical evaluation scores


At Watson & Associates, our proposal management  consulting team bring over 30 years of actual experience working for federal procurement agencies. Having written government requests for proposals, and having evaluated numerous government bids, we understand the procurement regulations and evaluation guidelines.

Clients’ proposal managers utilized our expertise to strengthen their proposal writing experience and technical abilities.

Capture Management Training

 At Watson, we provide onsite capture management training for federal government contractors across the United States.

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