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Watson & Associates, LLC

Watson & Associates, LLC provides in-depth and high-level government contracting courses for small businesses and large defense contractors seeking to improve their skills and success in compliance, risk mitigation and ultimately becoming successful with government contracts. Companies that want to redesign their effectiveness with how to get government procurement contracts frequently come to our proposal training and development classes.

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Training Course Descriptions

The Workshops are: Intensive programs on the latest client trends in government procurement contracting from proposal writing to terminations.

The Instructors are: Government Procurement legal and consulting experts that physically see costly mistakes made by government contractors on a daily basis.

The Instructional Method is: Balanced combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on practice.

About the Instructors Theodore Watson and the firm’s staff provides specialize training in the various modules of our federal contracting programs. Having served as a government small business executive for DOD, our team has propelled the law firm’s government contracts practice to being more than just lawyers.” There is a severe deficiency in knowledge throughout the United States. Government contractors are at a serious disadvantage and must understand more than just the generic government procurement contracting courses and proposal management training information currently out there.”

The firm has business development and business strategies training system so that contractors can get a realistic understanding of the bidding problems, details, and liability that they face, and how to strategically submit winning proposals. Moreover, the government proposal writing training workshops are also designed to give businesses reliable and concrete solutions to get more business contracts and increasing their bottom line.


Learn best practices in government procurement and how to write a proposal for government contracts, understand the proposal evaluation and RFP process, get federal proposal writing training to bid correctly on the agency’s needs and separate yourself from the competition.
Learn how to develop contract compliance policies that keep you out of trouble. Avoid termination for default and successfully handle terminations for convenience. This level of government contracting courses and trainiing can significantly impact your success and project performance.
Avoid costly mistakes when submitting federal proposals.  Our business development training and consulting services help you to understand how the proposal process actually works.
This level of government contract training focuses on developing sound strategies on how to file, prepare or defend government contract protests.
Learn how to stop wasting marketing and business development resources. This government contracting course and training class shows you how the federal market is set up; learn what the agency wants to see in your capture management and marketing efforts.
This government contracts training course teaches you how to effectively structure and use teaming agreements and joint ventures. Avoid common mistakes that can cost you your contract.
Learn how to effectively prepare and file government contract claims.
Learn how to effectively prepare and submit your application for 8(a) certification.
If you are 8(a) certified, this government contracts training class teaches you how to implement successful strategies for success. Many small businesses have been in the 8(a) Program but have yet to receive a decent sized contract. Our business development training and consulting minimize this national problem